Five Rich Snippets That Will Increase Your Click-Through-Rates

Proper use of rich snippets can drastically improve the click-through rates to your website. Don’t know what we mean with rich snippets? Snippets are the lines of text that are displayed underneath each search result. When we speak of rich snippets, we mean snippets that not only contain relevant text about your webpage, but also […]


How To Increase Conversion Rate?

Why do we need CRO? Conversion Optimization is the quickest and cheapest way to increase your sales. Remember that you are not trying to attract new customers. Attracting new customers requires expenditure in the form of advertising, promotions and sales campaigns. You are just trying to retain customers to your website and convert them to […]

Natural Links

What Are Natural Links and How to Build Them?

As bloggers, designers, consultants and other companies race to push their sites to the top of the search result list, the importance of legitimate backlinks continues to grow. This leaves many asking the question, “What are natural links and how can I build them?”  Home Grown and Farm Fresh Links A natural link is a […]


5 SEO Faux Pas that pull you down like quicksand

With nearly 500 algorithm updates from Google in a year and over 200 factors to rank, I was seriously intending to shift to Mars; because I felt no one on earth could retain the number one position in Google Search Ranking for sure. And then I came across this quote What does this quote tell […]


Blog commenting for SEO – What Why and How

Comment Luv is extremely popular among bloggers and that has increased the pace of commenting on other blogs as it helps to increase the page rank (if dofollow) and getting like-minded visitors to your site. Do you really remember any commenter’s comment on the blog you often visit? Yes I do, I visit twice or […]


What is Pagination in SEO with Examples

Why Pagination in SEO is Critical Managing hundred and thousands of pages has always been a daunting task for blogger and website owners (especially e-commerce websites) and everyone has its own method of dealing with it. Say you have a website with 300+ pages and no. of pages are growing continually then you need to […]


How to Protect your Website and Blog Content from Content Scraper

As they say “Content is King” and who don’t want to protect their king. Content creation takes lots of time and effort but what if your content gets copied within 2 hours after publishing article and the worst part content scrapers is ranked higher than you for your target keywords. This is not new to […]


3 Reason Why Your Infographic Failed to Create Link Bait

Infographics in SEO are a great way to win links but only 2-3% of infographics creates link bait. When everyone was talking about writing great content, infographic came as a fresh air and everyone started talking about it, implementing it and used it as a link building tactics and soon came the nightmare of the […]


How to Get Twitter Followers from Scratch (Ethically)

There are two reasons, why I am writing this post. #1- I follow about 15 blogs and 13 of them have already written about “how to gain twitter followers” and few have added “without following back “as suffix and few have used varied titles (but almost similar content). The reason is, Twitter is going crazy […]


SEOMOZ Changes it’s Brand Name to MOZ

From nearly a decade SEOMOZ has been an integral part of the SEO community with their tools and the content they publish. SEOMOZ has been doing every bit to help inbound marketers including Q&A forums, blogs about inbound marketing , the famous beginners guide to SEO and WhiteBoard Friday. SEOMOZ one of the most trusted […]

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